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Yes or No: Dismissal Based on Unplanned Childbirth

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Yes or No: Dismissal Based on Unplanned Childbirth

Whether employers can dismiss employees on the basis of unplanned childbirth has always been a big social concern.

11 December 2017



07 December 2017

Should business travel time be counted as overtime?

Overtime-related dispute is one of the difficulties in human resource management and judicial practice.

06 December 2017

Has the Only Child Elderly-Care Leave Really Come?

They are faced with unprecedented pressure and difficulties, especially in taking care of their ill parents.

06 December 2017

Anti-bribery Management System: Exploring the Legal Application of Operator's Exemption from Commercial Bribery Liability

Establishment of effective third party management mechanism is an indispensable part to the anti-bribery management system.

06 December 2017

New Facilitation Measures for Trademark Registration

China Trademark Office has recently introduced new facilitation measures and plans for trademark registration.

30 November 2017