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Taking Annual Leave to Explore the World More Often!

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Taking Annual Leave to Explore the World More Often!

The introduction of the annual leave system has made the taking of holidays a hot topic amongst both employees and employers.

16 February 2017

The “Ethnic Chinese Card” is coming!

How will the ECC affect Chinese foreign nationals in China? What would be its social implications?

16 February 2017

Is the Unilateral Termination of Employment Contracts Justifiable Based upon an Employee’s “False Attendance”?

Can employers unilaterally terminate labor contracts on the grounds that acts of “false attendance” severely violate employers’ rules and regulations?

16 February 2017

Big Data: Success Comes Down to Solid Compliance

The big data industry is expected to gain momentum in the near future and the compliance issue relating to big data is imminent.

26 January 2017

Deere’s milestone win in its well-known trademark protection

This case was selected as a paradigm of “strengthening judicial protection of IPRs”.

20 January 2017

Introduction to Detailed Standards for Work-related Injury Determination in Jiangsu Province

The Guidelines clearly define some concepts in the Regulations and suggest how to deal with related issues.

13 January 2017