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Foreign Invested Banks: Opportunity or Challenge?

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Foreign Invested Banks: Opportunity or Challenge?

On March 10, 2017, the General Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission ("CBRC") promulgated the Circular on Carrying on Certain Businesses by Foreign Invested Banks (Yin Jian...

21 March 2017

Bracing for an Era of Compliance in China

China is paying greater attention to the establishment of corporate compliance systems.

15 March 2017

HK's proposed dedicated tax regime for offshore aircraft leasing

Draft legislation is expected to be available in April.

06 March 2017

Pollutant Emission Permits: A New System, a Big Revolution

The Plan is a top-layer design of a system to license pollutant emission in China.

27 February 2017

Taking Annual Leave to Explore the World More Often!

The introduction of the annual leave system has made the taking of holidays a hot topic amongst both employees and employers.

16 February 2017

The “Ethnic Chinese Card” is coming!

How will the ECC affect Chinese foreign nationals in China? What would be its social implications?

16 February 2017