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Reform of Imported Drugs Registration

Insights - China

The Reform of Imported Drugs Registration Encourages the Marketing of New Drugs in China

The Decisions has a significant impact on pharmaceutical companies.

16 October 2017

Trump Blocks His First CFIUS Deal – What Can We Learn from it?

Implication of the Blocked Lattice/Canyon Bridge Transaction of Future CFIUS Filing by Chinese Investors.

11 October 2017

Updated Privacy Policies, Do They Live up to the Hype?

These updated policies are likely to be viewed as having a certain effect for personal data compliance in mainland.

29 September 2017

Self-driving Car Road Tests in China – How to get on the Road to Progress

Automated driving road testing is key step to move forward automated driving vehicles.

28 September 2017

The Choice of Court Agreement and Its Implications on China

The Convention will be legally binding on China.

21 September 2017

Who Is the First Person Responsible for Work Safety?

The “directly responsible person in charge” and “other liable persons” still need to be determined in accordance with the particular situations.

20 September 2017