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Hundreds of Penalty Decisions Point at Chaos in Banking Sector

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CBRC local offices may issue more penalty decisions in the near future.

18 August 2017

This week, the German government published an amendment to the German regulation on foreign investment control.

14 July 2017

Despite the opportunity network marketers do face real and serious challenges in China.

10 July 2017

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On 4 August 2017, advised by KWM, the reorganization plan of Sinopacific was approved by Jiangsu Qidong People’s Court. Sinopacific resumed full production to celebrate its rebirth.

16 August 2017

As the only professional service provider among bankruptcy trustees, KWM fulfilled its responsibilities and assisted Dongbei Special Steel Group with its successful restructuring.

15 August 2017

KWM has partnered with Peking University (PKU) Law School to establish the PKU-KWM Global Legal and Business Executive Program (GLBE).

04 August 2017

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Opportunities, concerns and issues facing foreign companies investing, operating and sourcing in from China.

01 August 2017

We explore the impact of China's Belt and Road initiative on international arbitration.

22 May 2017

China’s significance in today’s global economy calls for businesses to understand the realities of enforcing a judgment against Chinese-held assets.

26 October 2016


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