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Class actions are a well-established feature of commercial litigation and continue to increase apace in progressively more diverse and sophisticated ways.

Successfully defending class action proceedings requires particular skills and resources to deal with complex legal issues, vast quantities of information, and often litigation in multiple jurisdictions. Subject matter expertise in complex corporate, competition and public and product liability areas is critical.

King & Wood Mallesons offer a specialised class action team with the experience, skills and commitment needed to navigate a difficult path through complex negotiations and litigation.

From the initial stages of regulator investigations to enforcement proceedings and third party actions for damages, clients come to our integrated team of class action lawyers for our relationships with regulators, innovative use of court process and track record of success.

Unparalleled class actions experience

King & Wood Mallesons brings a team involved in many of the largest and most complex regulatory investigations and class action litigation. Clients call upon our robust resources, innovative approaches to litigation and technical expertise to efficiently and successfully bring class actions to finality.

To read more about recent class action developments in Australia, see The Review: Class Actions in Australia 2014/2015 where our dispute resolution partners, Peta Stevenson and Moira Saville, discuss a landmark year in class action law and practice in Australia and look forward to identify trends for 2015/2016.

For further reading, see Ripe for Reform: Improving the Australian Class Action Regime which was prepared for the U.S Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

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Class action settlements and settlement distribution schemes are increasingly being scrutinised by courts.

10 May 2018

Extended warranties have been attracting an increasing amount of regulatory scrutiny in recent years, leading law firms and litigation funders to consider launching class actions.

07 July 2017

Appropriate boundaries for the case management, the effect of whistleblower law reform, the VLRC's inquiry into litigation funding, and the Court's role in assessing litigation funder fees.

24 March 2017

Reform of Australia’s corporate whistleblower laws is a regulatory priority in 2017, potentially leading to greater protections for whistleblowers and open up the possibility of further class actions...

24 March 2017