Abuse of Market Power

Abuse of Market Power - Australia

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Clients with substantial power in their markets may face investigations or litigation involving allegations of misuse of market power based on concerns about below cost or excessive pricing, refusals to deal or other discriminatory conduct.

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Our dedicated team of award winning lawyers has acted in many of the landmark misuse of market power investigations and cases for large corporate clients as well as new entrants including in the financial services, transport and infrastructure, telecommunications and directories, steel, mining, gaming and online sectors.

We stand out for our expertise in third party access issues and our deep understanding of how access regimes developed in Australia. Our experience extends to developing and advising on access frameworks, including developing access-pricing structures for industries such as rail, telecommunications, energy, ports and airports.

We have a full team specialising in this area.

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The Federal Government has directed the ACCC to hold an inquiry into the impact of digital “platform services” on the state of competition in media and advertising services markets.

04 December 2017

After four years of consultation and debate, some of the most significant reforms to Australia’s competition laws have today come into effect.

06 November 2017

Australia’s Federal Government today released Exposure Draft legislation in response to the Harper Panel Review of Australia’s Competition Laws.

05 September 2016

The re-framing of section 46 in the draft Harper legislation represents one of the most substantial, and potentially significant, changes to the CCA.

05 September 2016