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The end of the road for stapled securities in Australian infrastructure?

Insights - Australia

Whistleblowing and class actions

Reform of Australia’s corporate whistleblower laws is a regulatory priority in 2017, potentially leading to greater protections for whistleblowers and open up the possibility of further class actions....

24 March 2017

Litigation funding in the spotlight: VLRC inquiry

This article was written by Yanni Goutzamanis, James Russell and Domenic Gatto.On 19 January 2017, the Victorian Government asked the Victorian Law Reform Commission (“VLRC”) to review litigation...

24 March 2017

Approval of settlements and litigation funders’ commissions

Two recent first instance decisions have clarified the courts’ role and scope of powers when asked to approve a settlement involving the payment of a commission or other...

24 March 2017

Innovation and boundaries: case management in the Federal Court

The Australian Federal Court has provided guidance on the appropriate boundaries for the case management of largescale, complex commercial litigation.

24 March 2017

Major hazard facilities Advisory Committee Report released

The Report recognises the hazards associated with Major Hazard Facilities and proposes using the ESOs and associated schedules to regulate development in areas surrounding MHFs.

23 March 2017

Who's afraid of the IoT? IoTAA Security Guideline

As Internet of Things systems and devices proliferate, so do the security implications. IoT Alliance Australia has released an IoT Security Guideline to help industry with security challenges.

22 March 2017