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ICLG Lending & Secured Finance 2017 : Guide to Australian, Hong Kong and PRC law

Insights - Australia

Disproving discrimination: the role of evidence in fighting an adverse action claim

Employers should have proper medical evidence to support a refusal to employ a person with a disability due to the inherent requirements of the position.

12 April 2017

Employer’s failure to act on specific and known risk of psychiatric harm leads to liability

The Supreme Court of Victoria has highlighted that employers must respond pro-actively where they are aware of a specific risk of harm to an employee.

12 April 2017

Union’s knowing involvement amounts to actual contravention

While union organisers did not “instruct, advise or encourage” employees to refuse to work, they were nevertheless "knowingly involved" in the contravention of s 417 of the Fair...

12 April 2017

Consultation and genuine redundancies: how far do employers have to go?

Paul Williams and Ors v Staples - Employers should familiarise themselves with their consultation obligations and the selection process for redundancies must be transparent.

12 April 2017

Another one bites the dust – Commission terminates Loy Yang enterprise agreement

This article was written by Daniel Delimihalis and Andrew Gray.The Fair Work Commission has ordered the termination of an enterprise agreement covering employees at Loy Yang power station...

12 April 2017

Australia to consider a Modern Slavery Act

Australia is reconsidering its own approach to modern slavery laws which deal with prohibitions on slavery and slavery-like conditions and affect corporations and financiers in Australia.

10 April 2017