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Global mining company wins land rich valuation case - Placer Dome Inc v Commissioner of State Revenue


Global mining company wins land rich valuation case - Placer Dome Inc v Commissioner of State Revenue

The Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Western Australia allowed an appeal by Placer Dome Inc in a decision concerning the old land rich provisions in...

20 September 2017

Demystifying tax audits & disputes: FAQs by individuals and SMEs

We answer frequently asked questions by individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia facing the prospect of an ATO audit or review.

18 September 2017

Pharmaceuticals caught in the ATO net

The Australian Tax Office has made it clear that pharmaceutical companies continue to be a significant focus for them. The application of transfer pricing rules in Australia is...

08 September 2017

Taxes on real estate deals - Australian State and Territory Budgets

Australia's State and Territory budgets have continued a trend of imposing taxes on foreign investment in real estate. Find out more about the stamp duty and land tax...

04 September 2017

Corporate Collective Investment Vehicles: The investment vehicle for the next generation!

The Assistant Treasurer has released exposure drafts of key legislation for corporate collective investment vehicles, continuing Australia's development as a funds management centre.

25 August 2017

Changes to Australia’s financial services taxation regimes

The tax changes are aimed at reducing the uncertainty with the Investment Manager Regime (IMR) and the new tax system for attribution managed investment trusts (AMITs).

19 July 2017

The Final Leg: Cross-border related party financing and PCG 2017/D4

Following the Chevron judgment, the ATO has released PCG 2017/D4: ATO compliance approach to taxation issues associated with cross-border related party financing arrangements and related transactions.

17 July 2017

Major Bank Levy bills released

The Major Bank Levy's purpose is ostensibly twofold: to contribute to “budget repair” and to level the playing field with smaller banks.

31 May 2017

Australian Federal Budget 2017-18: Agribusiness highlights

In a boost for the agricultural sector, the recent Australian Federal Budget contained a number of key initiatives for agribusiness and food organisations.

29 May 2017

Tax losses to be more readily available for companies and listed widely held trusts

New tax laws make it easier for companies (and listed widely held trusts) to access losses from prior years, where there has been a change in the entity’s...

16 May 2017

Australian Federal Budget 2017-18

Analysis of the 2017-18 Australian Federal Budget: key tax changes for corporates and small business, personal tax reforms, and funds and superannuation updates.

09 May 2017

Australian Federal Budget 2017-18: International

Analysis of the 2017-18 Australian Federal Budget's key foreign investment and international tax changes including an expansion of the multinational anti-avoidance law.

09 May 2017