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The AFGC Leadership Forum 2017 – Asia, health and energy on the menu


The latest news and updates in Australian food & agribusiness, including foreign investment, competition and consumer law.

A postcard from the AFGC Leadership Forum 2017 – Asia, health and energy on the menu

Three key themes dominated the Australian Food & Grocery Council Forum: the sector’s role in health, the wider relevance of Asia and the energy crisis.

02 November 2017

Common issues in Australian agricultural sale and leaseback transactions

Sale and leaseback deals are an attractive way for institutional investors to obtain exposure to the agricultural sector but there are common issues that need to be carefully...

27 September 2017

Reef n’ beefed-up regulations proposed in Queensland

The Qld Government released the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement for broadening and enhancing reef protection regulations to improve water quality protections for the Great Barrier Reef.

20 September 2017

Agribusiness co-operatives – time to shine?

What is a co-operative, what are the distinguishing features on an Australian co-operative, and what are their advantagaes and disadvantages?

26 July 2017

Modern slavery risks in Australian agribusiness

Modern slavery is a key agenda item for the Australian Government and supply chain monitoring and reporting requirements are gaining traction as a preferred method of top-down anti-slavery...

15 June 2017

Australian Federal Budget 2017-18: Agribusiness highlights

In a boost for the agricultural sector, the recent Australian Federal Budget contained a number of key initiatives for agribusiness and food organisations.

29 May 2017

Australian farmers descend on Canberra – an eye witness account

Insights from the ASA100 Members’ Forum (China Beyond the Border) and the National Farmers Federation 2016 Congress (Australian Farmers Embracing Digital Innovation).

03 November 2016

10 things you need to know about agritech

Agritech (or agtech) is the application of technology to agriculture. We discuss the tech advances (including robotics and AI) and the way it can transform the food and...

14 September 2016

Was all the fuss about the Ag Land Register worth it?

The first report of the Agricultural Land Register was released 7 September 2016 and we now know total foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land (at 30 June 2016)...

07 September 2016

AgriThinking: Brexit – Agricultural aftershocks or opportunity for Australia?

The UK’s dependence on agricultural imports from the EU will be reduced due to trade barriers and this will open up opportunities for other nations to export agricultural...

05 September 2016

AgriThinking: Regulation in the agribusiness & food sector

Regulation is important in agriculture to support important social goals such as food safety, biosecurity and a safe working environment among others.

03 August 2016

Australian agribusiness & food: What’s in the news?

The latest news in the Australian agribusiness and food sector, including the draft report on the regulation of Australian Agriculture by the Productivity Commission.

03 August 2016