the future project

Enabling our clients to embrace the future.

With the rapid pace of change in our markets and the emerging challenges and opportunities facing our clients, KWM is launching a cross-industry initiative on the future economy.

We’re diving into key issues that our clients may face in the future.

The Future Project was born out of a passion to connect with our clients on a larger story – the future, your future.

Over the coming 12 months, we will release thought leadership pieces, videos and content across core markets. We also want to engage in a dialogue with you on key issues and will be holding a series of events and roundtable discussions.

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    Australian Open Banking Review Released

    The Australian Government has released the Report of the Review into Open Banking. The Review provides advice on the design and implementation of Australia’s Open Banking system. It is the first stage in a broader consumer data right which is to include other sectors including energy and telecommunications. Partner Scott Farrell was appointed to lead the Review in July 2017.

    Open Banking would give customers a right to direct that the information they already share with their bank be safely shared with others they trust. It is designed to give customers more access to, and control over, their information, leading to more choice in their banking and more convenience in managing their money, and resulting in more confidence in the use and value of an asset mostly undiscovered by customers – their data.

    KWM | Australia's Open Banking Review Report

    Future Finance

    How will the financial services sector evolve and what are the key issues shaping the finance industry.

    Finance and world map

    Future Health

    How will the health industry be effected by new technologies and the challenges facing the future of health funding?

    health app on iwatch - coming soon banner

    Future Law

    A lawyer’s role in the digital age is ever changing – what does the future of law look like?

    people shaking hands - future of law image with coming soon banner

    Future Food

    How AgTech will shape the future of the Food & Agriculture industries.

    green plants and farmer