Doing Business in China

A Guide to Doing Business in China

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A Guide to Doing Business in China

Opportunities, concerns and issues facing foreign companies investing, operating and sourcing in from China.

01 August 2017

Global Legal Insights - A guide to Australia's merger control regime

Australia’s merger control regime is contained in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and is primarily administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

20 July 2017

How foreign resident capital gains withholding rules can apply to Australian residents

While the new tax rules are aimed at foreign vendors, Australian residents might similarly find themselves caught by the new regime when acquiring certain Australian assets.

10 July 2017

The new energy future: A guide to the Australian energy market transition

The energy industry is changing. This transformation will require a re-wiring of existing energy systems, policies, contracts and regulation.

13 June 2017

Around the grounds - SportsTech: digital disruption in the sports industry

Technological development is rapidly changing almost every facet of the sports industry, raising interesting new legal questions and challenges.

26 May 2017

Crossing Borders: Exploring China's Belt and Road Initiative

We explore the impact of China's Belt and Road initiative on international arbitration.

22 May 2017