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ATO FATCA reports due by 31 July 2015


ATO FATCA reports due by 31 July 2015: have you done your due diligence?

Reporting Australian Financial Institutions must report to the Australian Taxation Office by 31 July 2015 on their U.S. accounts or recalcitrant accounts.

25 May 2015

New GST obligations for offshore suppliers – Netflix subscriptions and so much more

Changes to the GST will impact on supplies of intangibles (such as services) by foreign suppliers to Australian consumers.

25 May 2015

Singapore Slings: The new cocktail of dispute resolution procedures in Singapore

The launch of the Singapore International Commercial Court cemented Singapore as a prime destination for resolving international commercial disputes.

21 May 2015

Resolving cross border tax disputes through Australia’s investment treaties

There has been a recent surge in regulatory attention around the world towards transfer pricing arrangements within multinational corporate groups.

21 May 2015

Recast Brussels Regulation: a brighter future for arbitration in the EU

Following a wide consultation led by the European Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council have adopted a new version of the Brussels Regulation.

21 May 2015

Trends in international arbitration: The future Ibero-American Arbitration Centre

The Ibero-American Arbitration Centre, due to be fully operational this year, will play a key role in providing greater legal certainty to the region.

21 May 2015