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Green light for Queensland's first Market-Led Proposal

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Green light for Queensland's first Market-Led Proposal

The core advantage of the MLP framework is the ability to bypass the traditional expression of interest and tendering process for major infrastructure projects.

02 December 2016

The New Commonwealth Procurement Rules: Will the procurement benefit the Australian economy?

Changes to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs), including a requirement to consider the “economic benefit of the procurement to the Australian economy".

02 December 2016

10 things you need to know about the Takeovers Panel this year

An overview Takeovers Panel decisions in 2016 - key lessons, considerations and issues you need to be aware of.

01 December 2016

Follow the crowd: CSEF Bill reintroduced

The Government has introduced the Corporations Amendment (Crowd-Sourced Funding) Bill 2016 into the House of Representatives to facilitate CSEF.

28 November 2016

Australia’s Open Data Future: What four key elements will ensure success?

There are competing views about what the right data sharing model in Australia should look like, but there are also certain common elements that will be present for...

25 November 2016

FIRB tax conditions: Guidance released

Guidance Note 47 (new tax conditions for foreign investment approvals) contains difficult concepts in the standard conditions & a reporting template for compliance with annual reporting requirements.

25 November 2016