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ACCC’s Big Bucket List for 2017

Insights - Australia

ACCC’s Big Bucket List for 2017

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has set out the ACCC's newly released Enforcement and Compliance Policy for 2017, setting out the areas of priority for investigation this year.

24 February 2017

Evaluating your corporate compliance program

The DOJ's "Evaluation of Corporation Compliance Programs" is a timely reminder of the the importance of continuous monitoring and evaluation, particularly for anti-bribery and corruption.

24 February 2017

Proposed reforms to limit the requirement for certain ESS disclosure documents to be made publicly available

Employee share scheme changes, if introduced, would be substantive and allow Australian companies to more effectively compete with their international peers.

22 February 2017

Amendment to the Native Title Act to restore certainty around ILUAs

Registration of Area ILUAs under the NTA that have not been executed by all members of the native title applicant (where applicable) remains on hold pending amendments being...

21 February 2017

Digital Transformation Agency - Major IT Investments Review

The Digital Transformation Agency has announced a review of all significant Commonwealth IT projects to "provide a comprehensive picture of ICT and digital technology investments."

21 February 2017

uberX drivers are supplying “taxi travel” and are required to be registered for GST - Uber B.V. v Commissioner of Taxation [2017] FCA 110

The Federal Court has held that an individual operating as an uberX driver was supplying “taxi travel” and accordingly the individual was required to be registered for GST...

20 February 2017